Summer 2021 Internships – Youth Theatre Northwest

School Year Internships

Youth Theatre Northwest offers a variety of unpaid internship opportunities for college and high school students, educators, and emerging theatre artists throughout the year. Our staff of theatre professionals will create an internship that is focused on your interests and educational objectives.

Positions include:

  • Education Assistants
  • Production Designer Assistants for Set, Costume, and Lighting
  • Assistant Director (must be above 18)
  • Marketing and Operational Assistants (Marketing, Development and other)

To inquire further, please submit a letter of interest to YTN Program Assistant Cory Southwell.

Community Service for Students

If you’re a student and looking for a fun and meaningful organization to fill your community service hours for your school, we have a variety of facility or office-related work you can perform. To inquire further, contact YTN Business Manager Julia Montagnet.

Please note: Youth Theatre Northwest is committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment for all students. Therefore, all applicants above the age of 18 are subject to a background check.