Play/Write Cast List – Youth Theatre Northwest

Play / Write Casting

Please look below for important notes on this production and look for your audition number.   If you do not see your number, that means we were unable to cast you in this specific production.  Please fill out the Acceptance/Decline form by 9AM Monday, September 19th 

Play/Write: Workshop Conservatory  

Conservatory class: 9/27-11/15  Tues 4:00-6:00 

Staged Reading Rehearsals: 1/9-2/9 Mon-Thurs 6:15-9:00  

Staged Reading Performances: 2/10-2/12 Fri/Sat 7pm, Sun 2pm 

*Please note we are seeing additional folks for Play/Write next week and hope to have a cast of 8-10 actors.