The Thing About Unicorns – Youth Theatre Northwest


Written by Kate Swenson
Directed by Cory Southwell
Uvi the unicorn is known for her ability to fix anything and her frequent rants about The Real Unicorns of Forestville, a popular online show. Uvi thinks those “real” unicorns are a bad influence--too perfect to be believed or achieved. The thing about Uvi is, she’s not a pastel and glitter gal. She ditches stereotypes and hangs with her BFFs, Al Chupacabra and Sassy Sasquatch, in her garage.
But her comfort zone is shaken when a mysterious stampede nearly tramples their younger siblings. The three friends jump to emotional conclusions and accidentally make the situation worse. Harsh words in real life and online fuel rumors that turn out to be false, but the damage is done. Uvi may have finally found something she doesn’t know how to fix.
Together the friends, their siblings, and a collection of Oddities must combine skills to take responsibility and protect the innocent. The truth must come out. Their journey will take them far from the safety of the garage and face-to-face with the Real Unicorns on their own dazzling turf.
Can this small band of friends prevail against the power of celebrity unicorns? How do you tell the truth when it’s something nobody wants to hear? A celebration of oddness, friendship, and fixing what you broke.

The Thing About Unicorns will run December 4 - December 12 Sat/Sun at 2:00PM in person and streaming on-demand 12/20-12/31.


To comply with the King County Health Order, starting 10/25/21 indoor performance venues (i.e. YTN’s Parish Hall Theatre) are required to verify one of the following for all patrons over the age of 12:

  • Proof of vaccination
  • Negative PCR test result taken in the past 72 hours

Acceptable proof of vaccination includes:

  • Vaccination card
  • Photo of vaccination card
  • Mobile or printed vaccination record from healthcare dashboard or app (i.e.

Upon arrival, audiences will:

  • Provide proof of vaccination OR negative PCR test taken in the last 72 hours
  • Have their temperature taken by Box Office/Will Call staff

Audiences will be asked to remain outside until just before the performance start time, during intermission (if applicable), and post-show while actors get out of costume.

YTN is asking for all tickets to be purchased electronically, in advance, in order to:

  • Limit in-person contact with Box Office volunteers
  • Complete the Covid-19 Waiver of Liability
  • Maintain record of audience members, for contract tracing purposes, in the case of exposure

Youth Theatre Northwest’s other COVID policy for audience safety:

  • The actors will be fully masked on stage, are required to submit a daily screening as well as a weekly test.
  • The actors will be at least 6 feet away from the first row of the audience.
  • There will be some ventilation during the performance, and at intermission, we will open all doors to air out the space.
  • Once the performance is done, we will aske the audience to vacate the space and wait for the actors outside.

Last but not least, masks will be required on YTN site for everyone.

For the full list of Youth Theatre Northwest COVID policy, go HERE.

Our 2021 - 2022 School Season was conceived with current uncertainties around Covid-19 in mind. Things are going to be a little different, but we believe that this plan ensures we will be able to provide programming throughout the season. All productions can rehearse online if need be and the shows will be available via streaming.