Summer Stock 2024 – Youth Theatre Northwest



We know you have been anxiously awaiting the 2024 summer stock season. We're still waiting on one of our titles, but while we're still confirming some of the details, we wanted to share the show dates with you, so that you can begin to plan your summer schedules. Check out the schedule below!

For the official summer stock show announcement, join us for the closing night of the Unleashed: Staged Reading on February 11th


All Age Musical/YTN Annex*: 5 minutes slot in person 

  • Tuesday, April 16th 4:00-9:00 

  • Wednesday, April 17th 4:00-9:00 

*YTN Annex candidates can opt for a video submission. If chosen to do so, the deadline would be April 15th. 

Summer of Horror: 

Video submission only (regardless of your past participation): due April 15th  

Callback dates/times: TBD 

Casting announced: April 22nd 

Audition Sign-ups coming by March 1st


June 24 - July 28

Ages 15 - 20

YTN Annex, a program for high school and college aged actors, returns after last summer’s She Killed Monsters. This program is designed for performers with more advanced skills looking for a play that will stretch their acting skills. In the past, YTN Annex had great success with Men on Boats, and She Killed Monsters, tackling scripts that deal with mature topics, complex structure, and powerful characters. Students will receive college level instructions and directions, while still working in a safe environment that is uniquely YTN 

Please note, content may include some adult language and may not be appropriate for all teens. The scripts choice is currently being finalized, and a more detailed content advisory will be available prior to auditions. 

Location: TBA

RehearsalsJune 24-July 19 Mon-Fri 5:00-10:00 (location TBD) 

Performances: July 19-28 Fri/Sat/Sun at 7:00pm (location TBD)


July 8 - August 11

Grades 4th - 12th

Directed by Zoe Wilson

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea and became the hottest star on Broadway? Why, it's SpongeBob SquarePants! This one-hour edition of the hit Broadway musical, brilliantly adapted from the iconic Nickelodeon series, is specially tailored for young actors.

This summer, we are looking to do a truly all ages musical. The production will accommodate for a range of skills: principal roles that are challenging enough for advance level actors, and great featured/ensemble roles for intermediate/beginner actors. The process will facilitate older students stepping into role model positions for the younger students—one of the most appreciated aspects of YTN culture.  

Location: TBA

Music Camp: July 8-11 from 5:00 – 8:00 (at Emmanuel Church) 

Rehearsals: July 15-August 2 Mon-Fri 10:00-3:00 (location TBD) 

Performances: August 2-11 Fri at 7:00pm, Sat/Sun at 11:00am (location TBD) 



Grades 6th+

Directed by Kim Douthit 

Written by Sarah Eisenberg 

Now in its seventh season, Summer of Horror is back stronger than ever! 

Join us for a one-week intensive film shoot experience with professional film crew, production team, and a screen play written by a Hollywood screen writer. The selected cast will meet on location and experience how a short horror film is made from the actors’ perspective.  Films will then go through the editing process and premiere on the big screen at the end of October for YTN’s Halloween event. 

Please note, content may include some adult language and may not be appropriate for all teens. The scripts are currently being written and an outline/first draft of the scripts will be available for you to peruse by spring break.  

Film 1: July 22-26 3:00-8:00 

Film 2: August 5-9 3:00-8:00 

Film 3: August 19-23* 3:00-8:00 

*this film will be in collaboration with JoyKids Theatre of Tokyo with a group of Japanese teen actors.