Neverending Story Character Guide – Youth Theatre Northwest

The Neverending Story - Character Guide

Characters (In Alphabetical Order)

ARTAX(are-tax) Atreyu's beloved horse, who starts the quest with Atreyu

ATREYU: (ah-trey-you) A young warrior who is tasked with saving the world of Fantastica

BASTIAN: Young boy with a love of books and adventure

BAT: Puppeteer who activates a bat that Bastian comes across in school

BAUREO: (bow-ree-oh) A wind giant, Baureo is the East Wind

BOOKSELLER: Owns The Neverending Story before Bastian takes it to read, doesn't like children

BULLIES: Three children from Bastian's class, who tease him relentlessly

CAIRON: (kai-run) A centaur and the herald of The Childlike Empress, gives Atreyu the Auryn and his quest

CARETAKER: Staff member at Bastian's school, whose closet/attic Bastian hides in to read

CHILDLIKE EMPRESS: The leader of Fantastica, who is sick and dying because everyone has forgotten her name, and sends Atreyu on a quest to find her one, thereby saving the entire world.

ELDER: The leader of Atreyu's tribe

ENGYWOOK: (en-gee-wuk) A gnome and a scientific professor, helps (or tries to help) Atreyu with his knowledge of Uyulala and the gates to the Southern Oracle.

ERIBO: (eh-ree-bo) A tiny man, with a sword, in a balloon

FALKOR: (fall-core) A luck dragon that Atreyu befriends on his journey and joins the quest

FATHER: Bastian's dad, mourning the loss of his wife and coping with becoming a single-parent

GMORK: (guh-more-k) A werewolf who lives in both the real world and Fantastica, who tries to get the book from Bastian and tries to stop Atreyu on his quest

GOOSE: A flock of geese pass Atreyu and Falkor during the famous dragon ride away from the Southern Oracle, while trying to find the Childlike Empress.

LIRR: (leer) A wind giant, Lirr is the North Wind

MAYA: A witch leader, with a vast following

MAYA'S ENTORAUGE: A group of magical creatures of the night (witches, wizards, goblins, ghosts, vampires etc.), that follow Maya's lead in jumping into the Nothing.

MAYESTREL: (may-est-rhull) A wind giant, Mayestrel is the West Wind

MIRROR GATE HOLDERS: Two actors will hold the third gate, which is a mirror between the world of Fantastica and the real world, where Bastian and Atreyu see each other for the first time.

MORLA: (more-luh) An ancient turtle that is the oldest living creature in Fantastica and helps Atreyu on his quest by sending him to meet Uyulala

NO KEY GATE HOLDERS: Two actors will hold the second gate, which is actually unlocked, except the person trying to get through the gate forgets that's what they are trying to accomplish.

THE NOTHING: An embodiment of the shadow taking over Fantastica, who appears in pivotal moments of the story as the darkness spreads throughout the land

PURPLE BUFFALO: Three buffalo Atreyu and Artax are hunting at the beginning of the story, Purple Buffalo 1 comes back in a later scene in Atreyu's dream

SASSAFRANIANS: (sass-uh-fray-knee-uns) A species of people who are born looking old and grow up backwards to be young in old age. The Sassafranian Adult, who appears as a child (and is labeled as CHILD in the script), and The Sassafranian Children, who appear as elderly people.

SHEEREK: (she-wreck) A wind giant, Sheerek is the South Wind

SPHINXES: The guardians of the first gate to the Southern Oracle.

STUDENTS: Bastian's classmates

SWAMP GRASS: Actors who activate the vegetation in the Swamp of Sadness and help portray the death of Artax and the arrival of Morla

TEACHER: Bastian's teacher from school

TROLLA puppet, with four puppeteers controlling the arms, legs, and head. (Puppeteer 1 is also the voice.)

URGL: (ur-gull) A gnome and a healer, who uses her potions to save Atreyu and Falkor.

UYULALA: (you-you-la-la) The Southern Oracle (who is written as a voice we hear but do not see, however we WILL see this actor on stage in our version), who speaks in rhymes while Atreyu asks for help on his quest.

YGRAMUL, THE MANY: (ee-grah-mull) A spider-like creature with many children, that poisons Atreyu and Falkor, before getting in an altercation with Gmork.

YGRAMUL'S CHILDREN: The extension of Ygramul, who move and speak together, and help Ygramul capture Falkor, Atreyu, and Gmork.