How The Grump Stole the Holidays Cast – Youth Theatre Northwest

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Written and Directed by Cory Southwell

Edited by Mimi Katano and Cory Southwell


In order of appearance


YTN Development Director


Bailey Sipila (she/they) is proud to make their YTN debut and is very sad none of their family will be able to see it. Bailey loves the holidays and is excited to be a part of everyone’s traditions this year! Thanks to all who donated!


YTN Program Director

The Grump, Playwright 

Cory Southwell (he/him) is enjoying his ninth year of not celebrating the holidays. In lieu of holiday traditions, Cory enjoys Indian take-out and Lord of the Rings movie marathons by the fire. His least favorite holiday memory was the Christmas day he spent in bed with strep. Prior to type-casting himself in the role of The Grump, Cory has admittedly enjoyed Chinese food and Fiddler on the Roof at SIFF Cinemas on a different previous Christmas day with Mimi. His favorite holiday is Halloween, followed by Britney Spears' birthday.


YTN Companion and Cuddle Supervisor


Zeppelin (he/good boy) bark! Woof! Awoooo! *whimper, whimper, whine* ruff!


YTN Grandpa


Rowboat (he/good boy) is delighted to make his YTN debut though he is wondering why it took them so long. He is a 11 year old Plott Hound (you heard me), whose vocal quality has entered the Debra Winger stage. He wishes everyone Happy Holidays and to please stay out of his lawn unless you have treats. Many thanks to his good friend Mr. Cory for putting him in the show. Love to that guy and that lady who feed and walk him, and that kid who pets him.



Lorelei Eli Why

Ellen Zahniser (she/her) currently enjoys living amidst the beauty of Providence, RI, but spent her youth in the hallowed halls of YTN having the best possible time anyone could have! Favorite productions include Godspell directed by Mimi, Working directed by Mimi, and Peter Pan obviously directed by Mimi. Ellen continues to enjoy participating in theatrical endeavors and is delighted to be part of this holiday extravaganza!!



Nikolai Eli Why

Carson Beck (he/him) In his 10 years at YTN, Carson was a part of more than 25 productions. Among his favorites are A Year With Frog & ToadThe Who’s Tommy, and The Big Bad Wolf & How He Got That Way. Now, Carson is a voice actor based in Los Angeles. In his spare time he’s a music producer and mix engineer.



Levi Eli Why

Samantha Sangrey (she/her) graduated from YTN in 2007. YTN was a second home to her in middle school and high school, and helped her public speaking skills. She is now a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft and the mother of a wonderful daughter (with a baby on the way!). Her YTN show credits include  Oklahoma!Pigs! The Rock MusicalThe Legend of Sleepy HollowA Midsummer Night's DreamGodspell, The Wiz, The OdysseyOnce on this Island. She also co-directed the 2nd  Annual Student Cabaret.



Tai Eli Why

Dana Burke (she/her) graduated from YTN in 2007. She is a mother of two little girls and a giant golden retriever. She works in Communications and lives in Kirkland, WA. Her YTN show credits include Oklahoma!, Pigs! The Rock Musical, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Godspell, The Odyssey, Once on this Island, and co-directed the 2nd Annual Student Cabaret.



Sky Eli Why

Sarah Eisenberg (she/her) In Sarah's 11 years at YTN, Sarah had so much fun acting in TONS of productions, stage managing, and taking classes. She's now living in Los Angeles and writing on the 28th season of Thomas & Friends and WB's Scooby Doo & The Mystery Pups. She's an Emmy award winning writer, who is working on her first feature plus she also loves to write for Summer of Horror shorts for YTN. She would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


YTN Executive Artistic Director

Mayor Mimi McWhy

Mimi Katano (she/her) stems from a country where people eat KFC and Strawberry Shortcake for Christmas and are amazed that Catholic churches also celebrates Christmas (true conversation her father once had with someone). She is delighted to play a questionable leader once again (after last year's Miminiza Scrooge) in this annual event. She hopes all YTN alumni WHO KNOWS WHAT'S BEST FOR THEM will donate and listen to this brilliant and most original audio play. Sorry. She can't seem to shake her character. 


YTN Production Associate

Marty McWhy

Mike Lion (he/him) is thrilled to join the production as the Why-d-eyed, young Marty McWhy. He never whyned during the recording sessions and FWHYI, he has worked on a whyde range of Radio Dramas at WHYTN. He hopes you enjoy the recording, cause, why not? 


YTN Education Associate

Betty Whys

Alyssa Maas (she/her) has been with YTN since September 2021, but her experience with teaching and theatre goes way back. She began dance, piano, and singing at a very young age, and carried that love of performing to college where she earned a BFA in Musical Theatre at Central Washington University. Off the stage Alyssa is a freelance baker who enjoys podcasts, D&D, British comedies, and snuggles with her corgi Clarice.


Alumni, Teaching Artist, YTN Marketing Associate

Penny Whys

Kim Douthit (she/her) made her YTN debut in The Music Man as Marian the Librarian. She went on to pursue her BFA in Theatre Arts and a post grad degree in Classical Acting and Shakespeare. She has worked in New York and Seattle as an actor, director, playwright, educator, podcaster and filmmaker. Returning to work as an artist and educator at YTN has meant so much since YTN is where she discovered her love of the arts.


YTN Technical Director

Magnum P. Why

Brian Jackson (he/him) Past radio drama characters include the door bell in A Christmas Carol and Vinny the bouncer in It's a Wonderful Life. Other voice work credits include Orphan #12 in Annie, the bell in It's a Wonderful Life, and R2-D2 in Star Wars: The Musical.


YTN Managing Director

Mae Marie Whychablis

and Musical Guest

Stephanie Bull (she/her) can't seem to stop singing ever and wants to be Sponge Bob when she grows up. She is also very gifted in the areas of twisting her ankle on a flat surface. Stephanie ran out of time to write her bio because she hosted the staff holiday party the night before she was leaving town with her now one year old daughter Scarlett and her husband Ben (written by Mimi Katano).


YTN Marketing Copywriter


Philip Smit (he/him) has filled various support roles at YTN since 1999: pre-show announcer; MC; fight choreographer; pit musician; carpenter; errand boy; garbage man; welder; and copywriter. Curiously, this is the exact amount of time that his wife, Mimi, has been at YTN. He is delighted to be part of this production with his extended YTN family.