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YTN's Virtual School Show Catalog offers a selection of video recordings of world premiere shows that have been produced at YTN. Shows on this list are full-length performances, with high quality video and built in captions. When there are limited options for viewing theatre, YTN's virtual catalog offers a great alternative option to bring theatre to your classroom. 
All shows on the list had their world premiere on the YTN stage, with a cast of YTN students ages 7-18. 
Schools are able to rent the recording to screen in a class. All rentals will also be provided with a study guide for the instructor to review with students after watching the play. There is also an option to hire a YTN educator to lead an in-person or virtual theatre workshop accompanying the screening. 
The cost of screening a show for one classroom is $40. Screenings for each additional classroom are $10/class.
Ex. An assembly where three classes watch The Sky Below would cost $60 ($40+$10+$10).
The screening + live workshop package is $100 and is limited to one classroom. The workshop can be done in-person or virtually.  
Screenings must be booked three weeks out and are available for booking now. 
If you have questions, please email Program Associate, Mike Lion (

The Wizard of Oz

Adapted by Gillian Jorgensen

Directed by Kate Swenson

YTN's Production of The Wizard of Oz (2021)

Join Youth Theatre Northwest on a journey to Oz in this original adaption of L. Frank Baum's masterpiece, The Wizard of Oz. The script, written by Seattle playwright, artist, and educator Gillian Jorgensen, has many similarities to the movie but is based mostly on the book, which, like all books, has much more in it than the film could portray. The world of Oz is much stranger and full of surprises; the city is still emerald, but the shoes are silver.

Along with familiar characters such as Dorothy, Auntie Em, and the famous trio of the Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, and Tin Man, you'll meet the Hammerheads, Tollydiggle the Mouse Queen, the High Coco-Lorum of Thi, not two but four witches—Tattypoo, Gayelette, Zisca, and Glinda—plus munchkins, Emerald Citizens, and the Wizard of Oz himself, Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs.

Run time: 95 minutes

Recommended for Grades 2nd - 12th

 Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There

Adapted by Maggie Lee

Directed by Mimi Katano

YTN's Production of Through the Looking Glass (2018)

 Join  Alice as she  embarks  on  a  peculiar  and  thrilling  adventure  from  one  quirky  world  to  the  next  in  pursuit  of  her  beloved  but  tempestuous  cat.  Along  the  way,  there are outrageous characters  to  meet: Red  Queen,  White  Queen,  Tweedle Dee  and  Humpty  Dumpty. Everyone  has  a  story  to  share  while  painting  a  dreamy  and  hilarious  picture  of  Wonderland. Infused with the Japanese art form “Kamishibai,” YTN’s production puts a cultural twist on the literary classic by Lewis Carroll.

Run time: 80 minutes

Recommended for Grades 4th - 12th

The Sky Below

by Maggie Lee

Directed by Kim Douthit

YTN's Production of The Sky Below (2021)

High up in the sky, on the floating city of Firmament, when children reach their 13th birthday, they have the option to take "The Bound" and leap down to the surface below. But beware, for taking the bound is a one-way trip. As her 13th birthday approaches, Nellie wants to follow in her brother Arden's footsteps and take The Bound. But what lies below? Will she see her brother again? Is Chancellor Rayne hiding something? And what is really going on with the Chromatons, the robots who serve the city? Can a group of teenagers uncover the truth? 

The Sky Below, a new play, was developed last spring as a part of our Workshop Conservatory. Now, the play will be fully mounted on the YTN stage. Written by a Gregory Award winning playwright, Maggie Lee, it’s a steam punk, sci-fi adventure like nothing you have ever seen.  

Run time: 80 minutes

Recommended for Grades 4th - 12th

 The Thing About Unicorns

by Kate Swenson

Directed by Cory Southwell

YTN's Production of The Thing About Unicorns (2021)

Uvi the unicorn is known for her ability to fix anything and her frequent rants about The Real Unicorns of Forestville, a popular online show. Uvi thinks those “real” unicorns are a bad influence--too perfect to be believed or achieved. The thing about Uvi is, she’s not a pastel and glitter gal. She ditches stereotypes and hangs with her BFFs, Al Chupacabra and Sassy Sasquatch, in her garage.

But her comfort zone is shaken when a mysterious stampede nearly tramples their younger siblings. The three friends jump to emotional conclusions and accidentally make the situation worse. Harsh words in real life and online fuel rumors that turn out to be false, but the damage is done. Uvi may have finally found something she doesn’t know how to fix.

Together the friends, their siblings, and a collection of Oddities must combine skills to take responsibility and protect the innocent. The truth must come out. Their journey will take them far from the safety of the garage and face-to-face with the Real Unicorns on their own dazzling turf.

Can this small band of friends prevail against the power of celebrity unicorns? How do you tell the truth when it’s something nobody wants to hear? A celebration of oddness, friendship, and fixing what you broke.

Run time: 50 minutes

Recommended for Grades K - 4th

Sidekick Island

by Kate Swenson

Directed by Cory Southwell

YTN's Production of Sidekick Island (2020)

Have you ever wondered what happens to the sidekick after the story ends? You know, after the evil villain gets defeated, after the happily-ever-after, after their supposedly BFF abandons them for the next chapter? Come closer and I’ll tell you. It’s a pretty big secret. There’s a safe place where secondary characters can recover and reflect. A place called: Sidekick Island.

Run time: 40 minutes

Recommended for Grades K - 4th

Radio Drama: Emma and the West

by Clare Bierman

Music by Joshua Vranas

Directed by Mike Lion

YTN's Virtual Production of Emma and the West (2021)

In this musical audio-drama, Emma and Kit are reading about the adventures of the Wild West, but when the last page of their book is missing, they journey into the world of the book to get it back. Fueled by imagination and friendship, Emma and Kit turn a regular afternoon at home into the wildest adventure in the west! And they learn that the best kind of ending is the one you write yourself.

Run time: 25 minutes

Recommended for Grades 4th - 12th

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