Weather Related Policies – Youth Theatre Northwest

Weather Related Policies

General Weather Policies

Communication and Announcement

In the event of a weather related cancellation, Youth Theatre Northwest staff will notify affected families by email with as much notice as possible. Cancellations will also be announced on the homepage of our website and on social media.

Classes and Camps

No refunds will be given for classes or camps cancelled when the Mercer Island School District cancels school or dismisses early due to inclement weather or other instances beyond YTN's control (natural disaster, snow/ice, unsafe temperatures, etc.).


In instances of events beyond YTN's control (i.e. weather-related cancellations, significant natural disaster, civil disruption, etc.) or a government mandated lockdown/quarantine, the production may be canceled or postponed and tuition will not be refunded. 

Rehearsal and performance rescheduling will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, taking in factors such as spacing and staffing availability. YTN staff will be in communication with production families and ticket-holders in regard to possible rescheduling.

Inclement Weather Policy

Youth Theatre Northwest follows the Mercer Island School District for all weather related closures. In circumstances where YTN is hosting programming when MISD is not in session, YTN staff will make the most informed decision possible, prioritizing the safety of our students and staff.

General weather-related policies remain in affect.

Heat Policy

When temperatures reach high and/or unsafe levels, YTN will review the possibility of cancelling or adjusting outdoor programming or programming in locations where no air-conditioning capabilities.

Between 90-99˚

An informed decision to continue, shorten, or cancel programming will be made by YTN staff (based on variables like air flow, room temperature, access to other spaces, age of participants, etc).

100˚ or Higher

Outdoor programming or programming without air-conditioning capabilities will be canceled or rescheduled. 

When heat-related cancellations are probable in the weather forecast, YTN staff will notify families of the possibility of cancellation by 6:00 pm the evening before. And we commit to giving as much notice as possible in the event of heat-related cancellations.

General weather-related policies remain in affect.

Air Quality Policy

Due to increasing and consistent smokey weather in our area, YTN implemented a formal policy for smoky days (below). Policy decisions reference different air quality levels, which are based on this air quality index (see graphic).

If a participant is at additional risk due to smoke and needs to stay home, they are encouraged to do so. YTN asks that you give written notice at least one hour prior, when possible, so plans can be adjusted as needed.

General weather-related policies remain in affect.


ORANGE (AQI 101-150)

No major changes. On-site adult (Educator, Staff, Stage Manager, etc.) uses their discretion to close windows and doors if needed, based on real time air quality. Limit outside time when possible.

RED (AQI 151-200)

Doors and windows remain closed for the entirety of the program time. Inside ventilation stays on for air filtration. Outside time is avoided whenever possible.


YTN cancels programming, giving at least two hours' notice (email, website, social media) of a cancellation. If cancellation is probable, we will give you as much notice as possible either in the morning for afternoon/evening programming or the day before for morning programming. 


Class/Camp Families: Contact Alyssa Maas

Production Families: Contact Mike Lion