School Year 20-21 Covid-19 Procedures and Policies – Youth Theatre Northwest

20/21 School Year Covid-19

Policies and Procedures

Last Updated 8/25

Youth Theatre Northwest is committed to provide our programming in accordance to the Washington State Department of Public Health Guidance for Child Care, Summer Day Camps, and Youth Development Their guideline is frequently updated, and we will adjust our operation accordingly.  

Our source material is: 

These policies are subject to change along with government policies and mandates change.  

Masks are required at all times on campus.  
Classes and rehearsals will observe 6 feet social distancing. 

Daily health screenings will be required for students and staff members, prior to arriving on campus.  

We will perform rigorous cleaning, per CDC guidelines. 

Frequent hand washing and sanitizing will be observed.  

We will be limiting in-person contact times, groups will be limited to two hours increments.  

We will be limiting the number of bodies in the room for in-person groups: 

  • For classes: 10 students or under, based on classroom size limitations 
  • For rehearsals (except the last two weeks): limit of 10 actors in the room
  • For the last two weeks of rehearsals: limit of 15 actors in the room
  • Design team members for productions will be limited to 5 at a time. 
  • These guidelines follow thWashington State Department of Health guidelines for youth programming.

Windows and doors will remain open for maximum ventilation when possible.  

Outside spaces will be utilized when appropriate and weather permitting.

There will be no in-person audiences for productions or final sharings of classes at the present time.

These performances will be video recorded to be shared with audiences and families, respectively.  

On campus we will not be singing, all vocal instruction for classes will be provided via prerecorded video.

In-person productions will be non-musicals for the 20-21 season.   

All in-person classes and productions will move to a fully online format should quarantine be necessary or to comply with government policy or mandate changes.