Scholarship Application – Youth Theatre Northwest

Scholarship Information

We do have scholarships and work study available for families in financial need. It is our goal at Youth Theatre Northwest to never turn away a child because of the parents' inability to pay tuition. Regardless of scholarship status, Youth Theatre Northwest offers monthly payment plans to any parents who would like to split their balance up between multiple payments. Payment plans are by credit or debit card only, charged on the 15th of each month, and may be set up through the Managing Director, Stephanie Bull at

Payment Assistance

At Youth Theatre Northwest we never turn away a child due to financial hardship. Payment plans and work-study hours are always available, contact for more information.


Contact for more information on how to apply.

Please note that all scholarship paperwork must be turned in two weeks prior to the start date for class or at production callbacks.


Scholarships are awarded for one year and can be used by each student in the family:

During the school year for one class per quarter or  two regular productions or one conservatory production.

During summer for two summer camps or one summerstock production.