Student Code of Conduct – Youth Theatre Northwest

Student Code of Conduct

Youth Theatre Northwest is a community-based organization dedicated to nurturing the intellectual, artistic, and personal development of children and youth through drama education, performing opportunities, and live theatre experiences. Participation in the organization’s programs is subject to the guidelines set forth in this Code. Any student or employee who violates this Code is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including removal from the organization. 

YTN strives to create meaningful experiences by…  

  1. Keeping youth and education the central focus of our community.  
  1. Creating an inclusive, emotionally, and physically safe space for all participants.  
  1. Creating a socially conscious environment where we help each other grow.   
  1. Celebrating and championing individuality and amplifying marginalized voices. 
  1. Striving to positively impact our participants, programming, and community.  

As an important part of our community, YTN expects students to: 

  1. Use kind and inclusive language and tone.  
  1. Embrace all heritages, identities, and backgrounds (e.g. honoring pronouns and religious holidays others may observe).  
  1. Be understanding that others are having personal experiences, known or unknown, that are different from yours.  
  1. Use true, active listening. When speaking, choose your words thoughtfully as they can impact others.  
  1. Be respectful of your and others’ time and work.   
  1. Allow room for yourself and others to learn, take creative risks, and make mistakes.  
  1. Use devices in a way that is not distracting to the work and are in agreement with the expectations set forth by each production. 
  1. Help maintain a physically safe environment where you and others can be successful.    
  1. Communicate issues to YTN staff in a timely manner 
  1. At the end of a rehearsal or performance, help to leave the space better than you found it 
  1. Remember as a participant, you are a representative of YTN to our partners and community.