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How To Talk To Your Kids About...

Parent Resources for Starting and Continuing Hard Conversations On Tough Topics

A Message of Support from YTN

Youth Theatre Northwest pledges to work towards creating a kinder, more inclusive future and strives to be a sanctuary for students from all walks of life regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality.

Theatre gives us a platform to tell stories that are thought-provoking, challenge convention, spark conversation, and spotlight the emotions and characters who live inside all of us. Our art and training teaches the value of true listening and thought before speaking. We study the motivation behind action and silence, we understand when you take focus and when you give it. In our hands are the tools of change, and YTN commits to revitalizing these core elements as a way to provide our community with practical, actionable ways to use these skills to better our world. As educators, we can do more to consciously amplify marginalized voices. We accept responsibility, and will push ourselves and our organization to do better. We will put action behind words, be true allies, and provide a platform. And we will do it together--grownups and youth--we have much to learn from each other.

To that end, we will do the following:

  • We will give a voice to those who feel invisible.
  • We will provide resources for parents about how to talk to your child about racism and other topics that might intimidate parents.
  • We will continue to make efforts to include age appropriate social justice topics in our class curriculum and productions. 
  • We will create opportunities for more discussion and theatre workshops around racial sensitivities for teens. 
  • We will continue to be a safe place for any children and youth to come together and express themselves through theatre arts
  • We will listen: How can YTN do better?

It takes all of us and generations to make a big change. Let’s start right now.

- Youth Theatre Northwest Administrative Staff