Covid-19 Procedures and Policies – Youth Theatre Northwest

Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

Last Updated 10/28/21

YTN’s current Covid-19 Guidelines exceed those provided by Washington State Covid-19 Guidelines provided for Youth Development and Performing Arts, and with our unique facility we are able to take advantage of outdoor space and excellent airflow. The theatre especially can have multiple doors open in an already large space. We are confident that we are going above and beyond what is required to ensure that students and staff can safely access the programs they so desperately need right now providing social/emotional learning, creative development, and care support outside the home.

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General Program Policies

Masks are required at all times on campus in accordance with WA state guidelines for youth programming. 

Classes and rehearsals will observe social distancing.
Daily health screenings will be required for students and staff members, prior to arriving on campus.  
Rigorous cleaning, per CDC guidelines with windows and doors open for maximum ventilation when possible.
Frequent hand washing and sanitization will be observed.  
In-person group size and contact times will be limited based on area of meeting space and ventilation.
Outside spaces will be utilized when appropriate and weather permitting.  

Vaccination Requirement for Staff:

YTN will be compliant with the Washington State vaccination requirement for employees and contractors working with K-12th student populations, effective October 18, 2021:

All in-person classes and productions will move to a fully online format, if possible, should quarantine be necessary or to comply with government policy or mandate changes. 

Testing Requirement for Cast, Crew, and Production Teams for Shows

For the 2021-2022 Season (with the exception of Chaos Theory), participants (cast, crew, and production team) will be required to virtually submit signed attestation of a negative Covid test result, at various points near the end of the rehearsal process/throughout the performance process.
YTN is requiring a negative result via Covid testing, for all participants, prior to:
  • The first day of tech rehearsals (typically 6 to 10 days prior to the first performance) 
  • The first performance  
  • The first performance of each subsequent weekend of shows 
Participants will be sent the specific testing schedule by the stage manager, as it varies by show.  
For this participant testing requirement YTN will accepts testing from:
  • Certified testing site/clinic 
  • Testing done via a student’s school (if applicable)
  • Home test 
For this participant testing requirement YTN will accept:
  • Molecular/PCR tests 
  • Antigen tests (rapid test) 
  • Antigen (Rapid) Tests are approved by the FDA for "serial testing," due to their lower accuracy rate than the PCR/molecular tests. Serial testing means this test is meant to be taken multiple times to ensure a negative result. If participants chooses to test via rapid at-home testing, YTN is requesting a second rapid test after 24 hours, or as directed by the test kit, to ensure a negative result.
Participants will be sent a virtual form by the stage manager, which will include:
  • Where the participant was tested 
  • The date of the test
  • Signature affirming a negative test result 
If a Covid test comes back positive, please email both Cory Southwell ( and Mimi Katano ( immediately.  
If there is a positive case within the cast, crew, or production team at any point in the process:
  • YTN administrative staff will notify you as soon as possible, maintaining confidentiality. 
  • The production will shut down for 10 days. 
  • Anyone exposed would be required to get tested after the 3-day incubation period.  
  • Pending results of testing, an alternative production/performance schedule will be sent out if possible. It is unlikely a performance would be postponed after the scheduled closing date of a show, it is more likely the performance schedule would be truncated.

Audience Vaccination/Testing Requirements & Audience Safety Protocols

To comply with the King County Health Order, starting 10/25/21 indoor performance venues (i.e. YTN’s Parish Hall Theatre) are required to verify one of the following for all patrons over the age of 12: 
  • Proof of vaccination 
  • Negative PCR test taken in the past 72 hours 
Acceptable proof of vaccination includes:
  • Vaccination card 
  • Photo of vaccination card
  • Mobile or printed vaccination record from healthcare dashboard or app (i.e. 
Upon arrival, audiences will:
  • Provide proof of vaccination OR negative PCR test taken in the last 72 hours 
  • Have their temperature taken by Box Office/Will Call staff 
Audiences will be asked to remain outside until just before the performance start time, during intermission (if applicable), and post-show while actors get out of costume.  
YTN is asking for all tickets to be purchased electronically, in advance, in order to:  
  • Limit in-person contact with Box Office volunteers 
  • Complete the Covid-19 Waiver of Liability
  • Maintain record of audience members, for contract tracing purposes, in the case of exposure

YTN Specific COVID-19 Safety Expectations and Policies For Productions

All participants will:
  • Submit Daily Health Screenings 
  • Remain masked at all times (with the exception of water breaks, outside snack breaks)
  • Abide by social distancing guidelines (at least 3’ when masked, at least 6’ when unmasked) 
All employees and contractors are required to be fully vaccinated by October 18, 2021, in compliance with the Washington State vaccination requirement for people working with K-12 populations. 
When staging a production, a minimum of 3’ of distancing is expected. Brief/minimal close proximity or contact is permitted if it is required by the script.
Whenever possible, prop and costume sharing will be avoided.
Frequent hand sanitization, along with mask wearing, distancing, and vaccination, is key to keeping each other safe. During rehearsals/performances, participants should wash hands or use hand sanitizer:
  • When arriving on-site. 
  • At the beginning and end of breaks.
  • At the beginning and end of each act of the play.
  • Immediately prior to any scene requiring physical contact or prop sharing.
  • Before leaving the space at the end of the day. 
Assistant Stage Managers will supervise frequent hand cleaning during tech rehearsals and through the run of the performances. 

COVID Communication From YTN For Productions

From the Stage Manager:
  • Distribute and collect Daily Health Screenings 
  • Distribute and collect Negative Covid Test Confirmations, starting one week before tech begins.
  • If necessary, be in contact with the cast, crew, and production team in the event of rescheduling rehearsals or performances, following a Covid exposure shut-down.  
  • Communicate failed Health Screenings and any external Covid exposures to Cory and Mimi. 
From YTN’s Administrative Staff:
  • Provide Covid policies and procedures to participants, contractors, and audiences. 
  • Provide detailed box office/ticketing information for families prior to opening, to communicate in-person audience expectations and safety procedures.
  • If necessary, confidentially communicate positive Covid test results to actors, crew, their families, and the production team.  
  • Communicate testing expectations in the event of a positive case.
  • Track testing results following the need for exposure testing. 

Source Material

Rehearsal and Performance Guidelines:

Though they are no longer being updated by the Governor's office, YTN continues to base rehearsal and performance guidelines off the (now archived) Washington state guidelines for Performing Arts:

(All YTN performances, crew, and production teams will remain masked; in addition to complying to distancing guidance for actors and audiences.)

Classes and Camps Guidelines:

Will remain as before, following the Day Camp guidelines:

Additional source material: 

Audience Vaccination/Testing Requirement:

Info Sheet from King County Health Department

King County Health Order