Class Policies – Youth Theatre Northwest

Class Policies

Sign In & Out:

All students ages 11 and under must be accompanied to their classroom by a parent or guardian and signed in on the attendance sheet in the classroom when the doors open for class. They may be signed out by parents or guardians listed on the emergency release form, as identified by the student. Students 12 and over with a completed written permission form may sign themselves in. Students 12 and over with a completed written permission form may sign themselves out with the parental understanding that they will be completely unsupervised and may need to leave the building if YTN is closing for the day. Without a completed written permission form, students 12 and over must be accompanied to their classroom by a parent or guardian and signed in and out. 

Late Pick Up Policy:

Students must be picked up promptly at the end of their class. Lateness is determined by the educator's watch. Parents late for pickup will be given 1 verbal warning. Each additional late pickup, after a 5 minute grace period, parents will be billed $30 within the first half hour, and $1 for each additional minute after that. To clarify, if you arrive at 12:15 for a class ending at 12, you will be billed for $30. If you arrive at 12:45 for the same class, you will be billed for $45. PLEASE NOTE: Parents of children allowed to sign themselves in or out of class will still be assessed a late pick-up charge if they are being picked up by a parent or guardian that is late. The late payment charge is used to compensate the educator for their time and inconvenience.

Summer Camp Half Day Policy:

Student may be signed up for two half-day sessions in one week, but families are responsible for having their student picked up at the end of the first session. Students may not remain on campus between half-day sessions.

Weather Policy:

Youth Theatre Northwest follows the Mercer Island School District for all weather-related closures. No refunds will be given for classes cancelled when MISD cancels or dismisses early its schools due to inclement weather.

Refund & Cancellation Policy (Effective for any classes with a start date after August 26, 2022):

YTN will refund tuition less the 25% non-refundable deposit (up to $100) for registrations cancelled at least 1 week prior to the start of a class or camp. Registrations cancelled less than a week prior to the start date will not be refunded. (Performance Series for Fall 2022 will retain the non-refundable fee of $75 which was effective at the time of registration.)

YTN reserves the right to cancel a class (in instances of insufficient enrollment or matters out of the organization's control). In this case, any tuition paid will be refunded in full, including the registration fee. YTN will notify families 1 week prior to the beginning of class if cancellation is necessary.

No refund or make-up dates will be provided for classes cancelled due to inclement weather.

Covid-19 Specific Cancelation Policies:

If government guidelines change or if quarantine is required, YTN classes and camps automatically transfer to an online format. Refunds will not be granted in this case or in cases where families wish to withdraw due to changing Covid policies (such as mask mandates, health screening, testing, etc.).

Transfer Policy:

Transferring from one session to another after registration will incur a $15 processing fee.

Annual Registration Fee Policy:

If you do not pay the $25 annual registration fee by the first day of class, your student will not be able to participate in class.