21-22 School Year Season Casting – Youth Theatre Northwest

2021-2022 School Season 

Casting Announcement

Thank you all for a wonderful audition and callback process.
We appreciate your patience, understanding, and fearlessness in the audition room as we cast almost 100 students in 6 different productions!


Thank you for your hard work, enthusiasm, and patience. This is a brand new procedure so please read the instruction all the way before you scroll down.
  • Click on a title of the show(s) you were called back for to see if you were cast.
  • If you do not see your number, that means we were unable to cast you in this specific production.
  • If you were called back for more than one show please click on “Check other cast list” 
Once you have seen all of your offers, click “Go To Accept/Decline Form,” which will take you to a JotForm to accept or decline any offers. If you accept, you will proceed to payment options.  
Chaos Theory and Gala performers will be contacted via email in the next week or so.  
We understand that there may be some disappointments, but please know that the directors came together in a casting meeting and were very thoughtful as to where best to place everyone. We appreciate your understanding and support of their decisions. Every student will receive audition feedback in the next couple of weeks.
Congratulations and thank you! We look forward to seeing you soon.


Monday September 20th at 6pm (on Zoom) 
There will be a mandatory parent meeting for all productions on Monday, September 20th from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Zoom. We will send you the link to this meeting in a separate email by Sunday evening. At parent meeting, we share lots of information, some of which will be new and crucial. We will also answer any of your questions so please make every effort to attend.  

Review the cast lists of every show for which you received a callback. Once you have checked each posting, please complete the Accept/Decline Form just once.

Questions? Email Program Manager Cory Southwell, cory@youththeatre.org.