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2023-2024 Season Auditions

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Audition Details:

For more information on production, please click on the titles below. 

The Wall and the Woods

The Wise Kids of Chelm

New Work Conservatory

Into the Woods

The Neverending Story

Film Conservatory

Around the World in 80 Days

Chaos Theory Improv

Please complete the 2023-2024 Season Production Form

Group Auditions for grades 1-5* (Wise Kids of Chelm* only)

Tuesday 9/5 4:00-5:00 

Wednesday 9/6 4:00-5:00 

*Actors grades 3-5 have a choice to do the group audition or individual audition pending their interest and readiness.  

Individual Auditions for grades 3*-12 (Wall and the Woods, Wise Kids of Chelm*, New Work Conservatory, Neverending Story, Around the World in 80 Days)

Tuesday, 9/5 5:30-8:00

Wednesday, 9/6 5:30-8:00 

Thursday, 9/7 4:00-8:00 

Individual Auditions for grades 9-12 (Into the Woods only)

Tuesday, 9/5 8:00-9:00  

Wednesday, 9/6 8:00-9:00  

Thursday, 9/7 8:00-9:00  

Chaos Theory Audition Workshop

Thursday, 9/14 4:30pm – 6:00pm 

If you are interested in only Chaos Theory, please fill out the Chaos Theory Interest Form. You do not need to fill out this form if you are also filling out the Season Production Form.

Film Conservatory Interviews

Admission into the Film Conservatory will be by interview with director Kim Douthit. Please complete the 2023-2024 Season Production Form to be considered. 

Interviews will be scheduled for 9/13 and 9/14, exact times TBA. 


Callback Schedule:

New Work Conservatory: Sunday, 9/10 from 2:00-4:00 

Neverending Story: Sunday, 9/10 from 4:30-5:30 OR 6:00-7:30 

Wise Kids of Chelm: Monday, 9/11 from 4:00-6:00,  

Around the World in 80 Days: Monday, 9/11 from 6:00-8:00 

The Wall and The Woods: Tuesday 9/12 from 4:00-7:00 

Into The WoodsWednesday, 9/13 from 6:00-9:00 

Catch-All Callbacks: Wednesday, 9/13 from 4:00-6:00

23-24 Season Parent Mixer (with Wall and The Woods parent meeting in the beginning): Tuesday, 9/19 

The Wall and the Woods

(For actors grades 5-12) 

September 20 - November 12

Written specially for YTN by Daniel Repp

Directed by Mike Lion

Story concept based on 22-23 Play/Write Conservatory Students

In this new fantasy dystopia, 13-year-old Lily is a proud Gatewatcher, defending the great city of Nestuk against enemies from the surrounding woods. When she is captured by a young group of rebels from beyond Nestuk’s walls, Lily learns a dark secret about her city and what they’ve been fighting to keep away—a secret that will lead her to magic beasts, cryptic riddles, and unlikely allies. 

YTN Alumni Daniel Repp has developed an original play based on the ideas of the actors who were involved in our Play/Write Conservatory last season.  After having a staged reading, the play is being revised for it to be fully mounted production this November on our stage.  

We are looking to cast approximately 20 students who are interested in dystopian adventure/quest story.  

*YTN is bringing back a special school matinee to invite local school to see the show. Actors will receive a letter to help excuse them from school. 

Parent meeting: Tuesday, 9/19 6:30-7:00 

Rehearsal: 9/20-11/2 Mon-Thurs 6:15-9:00 Sat 1:00-5:00 (No 9/25, 10/9, 10/19, 10/28, 10/31)

Performances: 11/3-11/12 Fri/Sat 7:00pm. Sat/Sun 2:00pm 

Special School Performance*: Thursday, 11/9 at 10:00 am  

Tuition: $800

Full and partial scholarships and payment plans available.  

New Work Conservatory

Devising and Staged Reading

(For actors grades 7-12)

September 26 - February 11

Directed by Gillian Jorgensen

Now in our fifth year, this program will devise an original play based on YTN actors’ ideas and contributions much like The Wall and The Woods. Led by one of Seattle’s best theatre educators Gillian Jorgensen who was the Education Director for Book-It Repertory Theatre and has taught for over two decades around the Seattle area.  Gillian is also the playwright of The Wizard of Oz YTN mounted in 2021 and has written and directed several other plays in the past at YTN.  The group of actors selected will work with a professional playwright and Gillian to create a play from scratch and mount a staged reading in February. In the fall of 2024, this show will be fully mounted on our stage. 

We are looking for approximately 12 actors with creative minds for story ideas and character creation, as well as acting. 

Parent meeting/tuition check in: 9/26 5:30-6:00 

Conservatory classes (devising portion): 9/26-11/28 Tuesdays from 4:30-6:30 (No class 10/31)

Rehearsal (staged reading portion): 1/6-2/7 Mon/Wed at 4:00-6:00, Sat 10:00-12:00 

Staged Reading performances: 2/9-2/11 Fri/Sat 7:00pm, Sun 2:00pm 

Tuition: $650 

Full and partial scholarships and payment plans available. 

The Neverending Story

March 4 - May 19

(Actors grades 3 - 12)

Directed by Cory Southwell

Performed on the YTN stage in 2013, The Neverending Story is a play about a lonely boy, named Bastian, who stumbles into a curious bookshop where he discovers a curious book. As he begins to read, a great adventure unfolds before his very eyes. Atreyu, an orphan hero, and his friend Falkor, the Luck Dragon, embark on a great quest to save the world of Fantastica. Full of unique characters in a fanciful world, Neverending Story will be a fantastic season closer on our YTN stage.  

We are looking to cast approximately 30 students who are interested in this fantasy adventure story.  

Parent meeting: Monday March 4 from 6:15-6:45pm 

Rehearsals3/4-5/9, Mon-Thurs 6:15-9:00, Sat 1:00-5:00 

No rehearsals: 4/22 (First night of Passover), 4/6-4/14 (Mercer Island’s spring break) 

Performances5/10-5/19, Fri 7:00pm, Sat 2:00pm and 7:00pm, Sun 2:00pm 

Special School Performance*: Tuesday 5/14 at 10:00am 

Tuition: $800 

Full and partial scholarships and payment plans available. 

Wise Kids of Chelm

September 27 - December 10

(For actors grades 1-5)

Written specially for YTN by Clare Bierman

In Yiddish folklore, Chelm is an imaginary town full of fools, and the Wise Elders of Chelm are the most foolish of all. When the Wise Elders decide to add another member, they must find out which of the Wise Kids of Chelm are ready to join in their ancient tradition. Will a Wise Kid join in the old-fashioned ways of their predecessors? All Chelm breaks loose as the wise, foolish, young, and old come together in a celebration of absurdity. 

YTN has commissioned Clare Fumiko Bierman, (Theseus, The Minotaur, and The Other Six) a Jewish heritage playwright based in NY, to create an original play for our youngest actors to perform based on a collection of Jewish folk tales.  

We are looking to cast approximately 24 actors (to be double casted) who are ready for the production process and have an interest in Jewish folk tales. 

Parent meeting: 9/27 5:30-6:00


9/27-11/15 Mon/Wed 4:00-6:00 and Saturday 1:00-4:00 

11/20-11/22 4:00-6:00 every day 

11/27-11/30 4:00-6:00 every day 

Pick up rehearsal: 12/6 4pm-6pm

Performances: 12/2-12/10 Sat at 11:00 and 2:00, Sun 2:00 

Tuition: $750 

Full and partial scholarships and payment plans available. 

Into the Woods

October 7 - March 23

(For actors grades 9-12)

Directed by Mimi Katano

Musical Direction by Heather MacLaughlin Garbes and Peter Garbes

One of Sondheim's most popular works, Into the Woodsis a compilation of everyone's favorite storybook characters with a dark twist. The story follows a Baker and his wife, who wish to have a child; Cinderella, who wishes to attend the King's Festival; and Jack, who wishes his cow would give milk. When the Baker and his wife learn that they cannot have a child because of a Witch's curse, the two set off on a journey to break the curse. Everyone's wish is granted, but the consequences of their actions return to haunt them later with disastrous results. 

This is a Conservatory Program for high school students, who are interested in receiving training in addition to the production process. Students will learn the mechanics and technique that are required to perform a Sondheim’s score. The curriculum will focus on analysis of the score, rhythm and its diction work, as well as the strong acting skills used to convey each character's desire through singing. Students will be auditioning to be accepted into the program in September, and specific casting for roles will occur during the Conservatory class. 

We are looking to cast 18 students who have the skill set to face this challenging piece. 

Parent meeting: 10/7 10:00-10:30

Conservatory classes (training): 10/7-12/16 Sat 10:00-1:00 (no class on 11/25) 

Rehearsals: 1/6-3/7 Mon-Thurs 6:15-9:00 

Sat 1:00-5:00 (3/2 from 12:00-6:00)  

No rehearsals the week of 2/19 for mid-winter break and Monday, 3/4 

Performances: 3/8-3/24 Fri/Sat 7:00pm, Sun 2:00pm plus Sun 3/17 at 6:00pm and Sat 3/23 at 2:00pm. (No Sat 3/16)

*Tech week (3/4-3/7) will be 6:15-9:30 

Tuition: $1600 

Full and partial scholarships and payment plans available. 

Around the World in 80 Days: Radio Drama

March 2 - May 31

(For actors grades 6-12)

Radio Drama is back! Next season, YTN actors will perform Mercury Theatre’s Radio Play of Around The World in 80 Days from 1930s, with some updates.  Actors will learn the art of voice acting and live sound effect, and perform in front of live audiences as well as go to a professional recording studio to record.  The audio version will play at Mercer Island High School’s radio station as well as being available on Sound Cloud.  The cast will also tour various senior living homes. 

Rehearsals: 3/2-3/30 Sat 10:00-12:00, 4/17-5/18 Wed 4:00-6:00, Sat 10:00-12:00 

Recording a Jack Straw Studio in Seattle: Mon 5/20 6:00-9:00  

Tech at 18 & Union in Seattle: Tues 5/21 and Wed 5/22 6:00-8:00 

Live Performance: Thursday 5/23 at 18th & Union 

Senior Center tour: 5/28-5/31 (specific times to be determined) 

Tuition: $650 

Full and partial scholarships and payment plans available. 

Film Conservatory

Directed by Kim Douthit

Aspiring filmmakers will have a chance to focus behind the camera to write, direct and edit their own short films! They even get a taste of the casting process as they audition and cast their films. Guided by Kim Douthit and other industry professionals, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn about the production side of filmmaking.  

We are looking for approximately 10 students interested in film making. This program does not require an audition, however will require an online interview to be accepted. 

TO APPLY FILL OUT THE 2023-2024 Season Production Form. Interviews will be scheduled for all applicants. 

Parent meeting: 1/8 5:30pm - 6:00pm

Classes: 1/8-4/1 Mon 4:00-6:00 (No class on 1/15 or 2/19)

Film Shoot: 4/8-4/12 During Spring Break (10:00am - 4:00pm - Times Subject to Adjustment) 

Editing progress check (on zoom): 4/15-5/6 Mon 4:00-6:00 

Film Festival: 5/16 at Ark Lodge 

Tuition: $650 

Full and partial scholarships and payment plans available. 

Chaos Theory:  YTN's Improv Company

October - June 

YTN’s resident improv troupe rehearses and performs throughout the year, honing our comedy and storytelling skills. Chaos Theory is divided into three levels – New Timers, Neutral Timers, and Old Timers.   

To apply please fill out the Chaos Theory Production Form

New Timers 

(Open to Grades 6-8) 

Directed by Maggie Petersen 

New timers focus on the basics and foundations of improv and learn a variety of shortform improv games. They end the year with an invited showcase of their skills for families and friends. No audition necessary. 

Rehearsal Day/Time: Wednesdays 4:30-6:00pm.  

Dates10/4 - 12/6 (No 11/22) and 1/10 - 4/24 (No 2/21 or 4/10)  

Neutral Timers 

(Open to Grades 7-9) 

Directed by Justine Stillwell 

Neutral timers continue to hone their improvisation skills. They learn more advanced shortform formats and begin to get an introduction to longform improvisation. They have two public performances in the winter and spring.   

Students must complete at least a year of Chaos Theory New Timers (Or equivalent experience) and get approval from Mike to join Neutral Timers. Students who have not done Chaos Theory before will need to attend the Chaos Theory Workshop Audition. 

Rehearsal Day/Time: Thursdays 4:30-6:00pm.  

Dates: 10/5 - 12/7 (No 11/23), and 1/11 - 4/25 (No 2/22 or 4/11) 

Performances12/2 at 7pm, 12/3 at 6pm, 4/27 at 7pm 4/28 at 6pm  

Old Timers 

(Open to Grades 9+) 

Directed by Mike Lion

Old timers hone their longform improvisation skills learning a variety of advanced formats and inventing some new ones. Old Timers focus on performance skills and have many opportunities to get up in front of a crowd throughout the year.   

Students must complete at least two years of Chaos Theory (Or equivalent experience) and get approval from Mike to join Old Timers. Students who have not done Chaos Theory before will need to attend the Chaos Theory Workshop Audition.  

Rehearsal Day/Time:  Mondays 4:00pm – 5:30pm  

Dates: 10/2 - 12/4, 11/27 extends to 6pm and 1/8 - 4/29 (No 1/15, 2/19 or 4/8), 4/22 rehearsals extends to 6pm 

Adjusted Fakespeare RehearsalsMondays and Wednesday 4:00pm – 5:30pm 

Dates5/13, 5/15, 5/20, 5/22, 5/29 

Performances10/19 at 7pm, 12/2 at 7pm, 12/3 at 6pm, 4/27 at 7pm and 9pm, 4/28 at 6pm, and 6/2 at 6pm 

If you have questions about which level you should register for, please reach out to 


Check out our Audition Resource Page for:

- Some Monologue and Song options

- An Audition prep video course from YTN director Zandi Carlson 

This Audition Info Video created by YTN students Sadie and Kyle is an excellent demonstration of how your audition will go. 


We have an audition workshop/showcase camp available for Grades 5+. The camp runs 8/21 - 8/25 1:00pm - 4:00pm. More information is available here.

We have monologue coaching sessions for Tuesday, 8/22, Wednesday, 8/23 and Saturday, 8/26. Coaching sessions are 30 minutes and cost $50. Please come prepared with a chosen monologue to work on.

Monologue coaching will be with YTN director, Zoe Wilson.

We have song coaching sessions for Saturday, 8/26. Coaching sessions are 30 minutes and cost $50. Please come prepared with a chosen song to work on.

Song Coaching will be with the Musical Director of Into the Woods, Heather Garbes.

For song and monologue auditions

You will be seen individually in a 5 minute slot. Please prepare one monologue (a speech by one character.) For musical auditions choose and excerpt from a song. Your monologue should be 1-2 minutes and your song should be a verse and a chorus. It's important that you choose a monologue from an existing play so that there is context. 

As much as possible, choose a song from a musical and a section that best shows off your singing ability. You will need to bring a sheet music with accompaniment so that we can hear you sing with the piano.

Actors' Guide To Audition