Auditions – Youth Theatre Northwest


YTN holds General Auditions in September for the School Season, and again in March for the Summer Season. If you are interested in being in our Main Stage play, you must be at least in the 1st grade and go through our audition process. To see what types of production we offer, please go to On Stage.

At our Generals, students will first audition in front of all the directors of the season. After that point, you maybe invited to a second round of audition (or callbacks) by individual director for their specific show and will be asked to read and sing from the script. Once all the callbacks are completed, directors come together and discuss how best to place each student in a show or recommend a class. YTN casting process is thoughtfully done and we put a lot of effort into striking a balance between the needs of the show and the needs of the students. 

If you have any question about how our process works, please contact our Program Assistant, Cory Southwell at

Parents' Guide to Auditions


For actors grades 5th-12th

You will be seen individually in a 5 minute slot. Please prepare one monologue (a speech by one character.) For musical auditions choose and excerpt from a song. Your monologue should be 1-2 minutes and your song should be a verse and a chorus. It's important that you choose a monologue from an existing play so that there is context. 

As much as possible, choose a song from a musical and a section that best shows off your singing ability. You will need to bring a sheet music with accompaniment so that we can hear you sing with the piano. 

For the 2021-2022 Season auditions do not require a song.

Actors' Guide To Audition 5th-12th

For actors grades 1st-5th 

You don't need to prepare a monologue or a song. We will audition you in a group setting and play theatre games to see what everyone's strengths and readiness. For this age group, we are interested in students who can focus, take directions, and are thoughtful of the others. This age group will only be seen by one director and our Executive Education Director, Kate Swenson.

Actors' Guide to Audition 1st-5th