End of the Year Report – Youth Theatre Northwest

A Message from Youth Theatre Northwest's Board of Directors Chair
December 2023

Dear Youth Theatre Northwest Community,

As the year draws to a close, we reflect on a season filled with creativity, challenges, and growth. We are thrilled to share the accomplishments and milestones of Youth Theatre Northwest in 2023, which would not have been possible without your unwavering support and belief in our mission.

A year of dynamic productions and educational outreach
This year, YTN proudly produced 8 shows, including 3 original productions that showcased the incredible talent and creativity of our young performers and writers. Our stages also came alive with the 2 Film Festivals and 4 Chaos Theory performances, each event a testament to the diverse artistic abilities of our participants.

Our commitment to nurturing young talents extended beyond the stage. We served 200 actors and technicians, enriching their experiences in the world of theatre. Additionally, 850 students participated in our classes, and 400 more were reached through our “Show to Go” program, spreading the joy and theatre arts education far and wide.

Acknowledging challenges and resilience
While we celebrate these successes, we also acknowledge the challenges faced by the theatre community nationwide. This year saw the unfortunate closure of 35 theatres across the US, including two that, like YTN, were dedicated to young audiences. This loss reminds us of the importance of sustaining spaces where children and youth can explore and express their artistic talents.

In light of these challenges, we also note a 10.5% drop in charitable giving this past year. This trend underscores the need for continued support from our community to keep arts and creativity accessible to all children.

Our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and growth
Amidst these challenges, YTN stands resilient and committed. We are more than just a theatre; we are a community united in the belief that every child, from any background, deserves a chance to shine. Our doors remain open to all families, offering a nurturing environment where children can unleash their creativity, develop meaningful relationships, and grow both personally and artistically.

Looking ahead with hope and gratitude
As we look forward to another year of adventure, imagination, and learning, we are filled with gratitude. Thank you for being part of our journey and for believing in our mission. Together, we will continue to provide transformative experiences for our youth and ensure that YTN remains a vibrant “second home” for many more children.

Join us in shaping the future
If you're looking for a creative and engaging experience for your child, or if you wish to support our mission, join us in supporting Youth Theatre Northwest. Let's continue to spark imagination and passion in the next generation of artists and audiences.

With heartfelt thanks,

Martina Dalton
Chair, Board of Directors
Youth Theatre Northwest