About – Youth Theatre Northwest

Our Mission

Youth Theatre Northwest nurtures the intellectual, artistic, and personal development of children and youth through drama education, performing opportunities, and live theatre experiences.

Given the opportunity, every child can shine!

Our Work

Since 1984, Youth Theatre Northwest (YTN) has been one of the region’s premier youth arts organizations, providing dynamic programming for thousands of children and families. Each year, YTN stages 13 productions, offers year-round classes, and provides outreach programs for diverse communities throughout the region.

Our plays will spark the imagination of your child and send your family on one fantastic adventure after another. For many children, YTN is their “second home.” We offer a safe and nurturing environment where kids of all ages may unleash their creativity, learn and grow, succeed and challenge themselves, develop healthy relationships, and shine.

If you’re looking for a fun and creative experience and want to ignite a passion in your child for imaginative play, join us at YTN!


Conservatory Productions (grades 5th-12th)

Conservatory Programs are for actors who are invested in training as well as performance. The program combines intensive workshops with a fully realized production. All three conservatory programs will meet once a week for ten weeks to work on the skills and techniques specific to the individual play. Conservatory students will then move into a seven-week daily rehearsal schedule in order to mount a production that will be featured on YTN’s Main Stage over a three-weekend run. 

Non-Conservatory Productions (grades 1st-12th)

Non-Conservatory Productions are for students who are primarily interested in performing. The cast will go through a seven-week daily rehearsal process in order to mount a production that will be featured on YTN’s Main Stage over a three-weekend run. 

Other Production Programs for Teens

Chaos Theory (grades 7th-12th): YTN's teen improv company. There are two teams-New Comers and Old Timers based on experience and they rehearse just once a week. Chaos Theory performs several times a year to full houses each time.

Radio Drama (grades 6th-12th): Annual radio drama with live performance, senior center tour, streaming on Sound Cloud, and streamed on local radio stations. Rehearsals are once or twice a week for two months, plus the tour and recording at Jack Straw Cultural Center. 

Summer of Horror (grades 6th-12th): Short horror film shot during the summer and shown in Halloween season at YTN and off-site movie theatre venues.

Student Cabaret (grades 9th-12th): Annual student directed cabaret which performs on YTN stage in June.  

YTN Annex (ages 14-20): Advanced level production in the Summer Stock Season where high school and college students perform in a play together.

All students interested in YTN production must go through the audition process.


Reach your full potential!

Creative drama and acting classes develop imagination, build independent and critical thinking, nurture social growth and the ability to work with others, improve communication skills, increase knowledge of self, and provide a healthy release of emotions.

 YTN offers a full array of classes and programs to engage and inspire your child starting age 3 to 18.