The Night of a Thousand Scares – Youth Theatre Northwest


Screenplays by Sarah Eisenberg

Directed by Kim Douthit

“Cursed Letters”

Five random teenagers from different walks of life all receive anonymous, cryptic letters that tell them to meet in the park or their darkest secrets will be revealed. The five of them try to work together to find out who’s behind this, but tensions violently rise when none of them are willing to sacrifice their social standings. 

“Will You?”

Two friends film an elaborate promposal to ask out Josey when a strange radio frequency interrupts, causing everyone in the neighborhood except the promposers to enter a deranged zombie-like state. This short takes the fun of Cloverfield and adds a new twist that gets you on the edge of your seat.

“Killer Camp Out”

It’s a girls only camp out and it’s Friday the 13th so Jenny brought a ouija board — just for fun. But when they use it, they accidentally summon a demon that unbeknownst to everyone, possesses Jenny’s hairbrush. This short’s a fun spin on a slasher that will make you terrified to ever brush your hair again.