School Year 20-21 Covid-19 Procedures and Policies – Youth Theatre Northwest

20/21 School Year Covid-19

Policies and Procedures

Last Updated 1/20/21

On January 13, 2021, Youth Theatre Northwest was made aware of updates to the Washington State Covid-19 Guidelines provided for Youth Development. We immediately moved our in-person programming online while we sought better understanding of where YTN fit in the new guidelines. On January 14, 2021, the guidelines for Performing Arts programs were released. This document broadly addressed Performing Arts rehearsals and performances based on the Governor’s reopening plan announced on January 11, 2021.

In response, YTN reached out to similar organizations, advocates in Olympia, and our board members to assess the changes and determined the best path forward.

YTN’s current Covid-19 Guidelines exceed those provided, and with our unique facility we are able to take advantage of outdoor space and excellent airflow. The theatre especially can have multiple doors open in an already large space. We are confident that we are going above and beyond what is required to ensure that students and staff can safely access the programs they so desperately need right now providing social/emotional learning, creative development, and care support outside the home.

Following the January 18, 2021 board-meeting discussion, YTN plans to shift Covid-19 safety procedures to better align with the newly released guidelines for theaters.

After careful review, we feel the best compliance will come by dividing our programming between two different guidelines.


(All participants will remain masked; YTN will not be rehearsing without masks at this time.)

Camps (Summer/Breaks)

Will remain as before, following the Day Camp guidelines:

Additional source material: 

Our Basic Policies (subject to change)  

Masks are required at all times on campus. 
Classes and rehearsals will observe social distancing.
Daily health screenings will be required for students and staff members, prior to arriving on campus.  
Rigorous cleaning, per CDC guidelines with windows and doors open for maximum ventilation when possible.
Frequent hand washing and sanitization will be observed.  
Limiting in-person contact times, groups will be limited to two hours increments.  
In-person group size will be limited based on area of meeting space and ventilation.
Whenever possible rehearsals will limit size and duration of meeting. 
In-person contact with design team members for productions will be limited.
Outside spaces will be utilized when appropriate and weather permitting.
All productions or final sharings of classes will be shared via video at the present time.
On campus we will not be singing, all vocal instruction for classes will be provided via prerecorded video. Productions will be non-musicals for the 20-21 season.  
All in-person classes and productions will move to a fully online format should quarantine be necessary or to comply with government policies and mandates change.

All in-person classes and productions will move to a fully online format should quarantine be necessary or to comply with government policy or mandate changes.